Epstein Dead?

Ok, So Epstein is dead. Shaaaa as if. And monkeys are going to fly outta my ass. If you remember, there was an attack on Epstein a week before his “suicide”. Now, this guy is a bazillionare. He’s had more than half his life being waited on hand and foot. Suddenly he gets a taste of the medicine that is going to be his life in the big house. Now scared shitless he cuts a deal. A deal for witness protection. Hell, he probably said he’d spill the beans all over everyone just got get the hell out of the cage he’s in.

There are also some conspiracy theorists out there that said the person on the stretcher isn’t Epstein at all but Hillary’s brother that died Tony Rodham. I have to admit. I find it odd that we haven’t seen anything about the autopsy other than, “Epstein died of strangulation….”. That’s it. No pics of him on the slab. No other toxicology reports. Where’s the funeral? Where are the pics of him in a casket? Just a simple, “Ohhhh he’s dead…..move along folks…nothing to see here…”.

I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that he’s alive and well living on an island somewhere under an assumed name, in say 10 years. I also wouldn’t be shocked that all of a sudden a few big wigs out there fall off the face of the earth and or end up in court on some kind of charges. Once Epstein spills the beans the investigators may take a while to run with the evidence and get a case together.

This from on 4chan.

But Epstein dead? Yeah, and I wanna buy a bridge over the East River.

P.S. I just want to state for the record that I truly believe there is no connection whatsoever between Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Clinton family or the Clinton Foundation and any sort of criminal activity of any kind. I consider them to be great public servants and national treasures and I possess no evidence of any kind linking them to anything improper. Whoosh. I’m glad I remembered to add this.