Thus it begins!

I always thought that there would be some arrest sometime soon that would bend over the Democrats. I really didn’t think the Epstein episode would rear up and show it’s ugly head again, This time is sounds like the actual Law and Order Administration we have isn’t going to let Epstein off or escape this time. I’m sure Bubba Clinton and a great many Dems are shitting themselves over this. Remember there are more than a few connected, like Anthony Weiner and even Mueller. Remember that after Jeffery Epstein’s first arrest in 2006, he “donated” $25 grand to the Clinton Foundation and he just got a slap on the wrist. Buba Clinton then flew to Epstein’s Under Age Island 26 (or more) times. When all this took place…guess who was the FBI director at the time? Yep, you guess it. Robert Mueller. Same corrupt piece of shit that investigated Trump and had to basically vindicate him. See how deep the rabbit hole is?

There’s info coming out as I write this saying that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is also a good buddy to Epstein. Hanging out with him in Epstein’s New York Mansion in 2016 THIS just came out.

Hell, even Presidential candidate and dreamer seems to have been caught up in this. It seems that she accepted money from some of Epstein’s lawyers after ripping them up one side and down another. Read more about it HERE.

There is even a connection between Epstein and England’s Prince Andrew.

Prince Andrew and Epstein

Now the Main Stream Media has already tried to associate Trump and find some shadow link to Epstein. Thereby, making what the Democrats not so culpable. But, there was no evidence and there is actually evidence to the contrary. Trump booted this child rapist out of his resort and banned him for life after Epstein hit on a 14 year old. So, the Dems and their propaganda arm MSM are going to lose their minds. The “squad”, or the Jihad Squad, as I like to call them, are drawing all sorts of attention away from the Epstein episode. Hell even CNN repeated the word “Racist” over 1100 times once the Jihad Squad had their press conference. Just like the magician, pay attention to this hand and ignore everything else that takes place with the other hand. Pay attention to the fact that Trump is a racist, even though we all know he’s not, and look at the four Communist bitches. Nevermind that more and more is coming out about Epstein and who he hung around with and partied with. Including children.

They all know that pain is coming. They all know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.