Is it that difficult?

I don’t get it. I really don’t. Antonio Callaway was just suspended from the Cleveland Browns for 4 games because he has tested out for marijuana in his system. OR as the NFL calls it a “Substance Abuse” problem. (Source HERE)

Following closely in the footsteps in Josh Gordon. Gordon has had a problem for a while and it seems he can’t give it up. I don’t get it. If someone came to me and said for the length of your career in ANY sport you can’t do any illegal drugs (according to the feds), smoke a cigar, drink a beer or even have a full pizza. For the length I was in that career I wouldn’t. ESPECIALLY knowing that the career is short, usually 3 to 5 years, and the career would provide for me not only wealth, but GENERATIONAL wealth. I don’t have to work ever again after my career AND quite possibly, if I invest it right, my ids and their kids don’t have to bust their asses.

Do these knobs not realize that the minute they are drafted they are under a microscope? Do they not realize that they are the luckiest few that get to play a game, for entertainment purposes…and get paid out the ass for it? Do they think they are above the rules? WTF is wrong with these idiots? You have a window that is damn small to make a shitload of money. Just follow the rules until that window closes! How difficult is that to understand? There are thousands of others that rely on these carnival monkeys. Owners, other players, front office people, everyone down to the damn waterboy needs these slapping clowns to perform. Speaking of owners I would be pissed if the player put his own selfishness infront of what is best for the team AFTER I cut a contract with the ass for millions and millions of dollars.

It’s not that damn difficult to understand really. While you are getting paid vast sums of money to be a carnival monkey. Shut the fuck up, follow the rules and dance for us all while smiling. After you get done with your career dancing, then you can go back to smoking and drinking and doing whatever the hell you want.